Website Monetization

E-commerce companies and web publishers have a vast pool of assets and resources that oftentimes go untapped. Group Sixty can help uncover these opportunities such as customer databases, existing web traffic, and order volume that can lead to instant bottom-line results. Group Sixty follows a standard process to identify and tap into these incremental revenue opportunities:

  • Asset Identification: Identify assets and resources that remain untapped/under-optimized
  • Partner Identification and Vetting: Build screening criteria and apply to list of potential strategic partners
  • Value Proposition Development: Develop the value proposition to leverage in approaching potential partners; revenue opportunities, customer acquisition, brand benefits, etc.
  • Partner Approach: Make introductions on behalf of clients or develop outreach strategy to support a successful approach
  • Negotiate: Negotiate deal terms with partners which optimize both financial impact as well as ensure alignment with long-term business strategy
  • Execution: Develop plan to implement partner and structure test to evaluate impact on business performance and customer experience
  • Optimization: Provide support in structuring ongoing tests to find the optimal combination of partner, offer, placement, creative, messaging, and incentive.

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