Website Optimization

After financing sometimes expensive customer acquisition strategies, e-commerce companies drop the ball once customers land on their site. Group Sixty can help improve the twin metrics of site conversion and average order volume to significantly improve site profitability. We do so via the following process:

  • Goal Identification: Work with clients to undercover the key areas they are hoping to optimize.
  • Problem Analysis: Analyze site and identify problem areas; low site/page conversion, low AOV via sub-optimal merchandising strategy, featuring low margin products.
  • Quick Wins: Identify key areas to improve and solutions to address each.
  • Site Test Development: Design and structure site tests to test new ideas.
  • Metrics: Develop analytic model to evaluate test success and ensure statistical significance of data.
  • Support: Advise on ongoing test ideas to continually optimize site performance.

To find out how we can help you and your company, contact Group Sixty Marketing.


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