Our Approach

Group Sixty solves client challenges via its 4-step DECC Acceleration Model; Define Objectives, Explore Alternatives, Collaborate on a Plan, and Coach to Success. In doing so, we are able to unleash greater levels of exploration, collaboration, and accountability while ensuring a laser focus on execution.

Depending on the particular project, we may apply all 4 steps in sequence or bundle a sub-set of the steps based on the desired outcomes. Our standard approach enables us to deliver consistently while addressing client challenges such as helping companies jump-start stagnant growth, accelerating the execution of a new strategy, and defending against competitive changes in the marketplace.

Specifically, our DECC Acceleration Model consists of the following:

  1. Define Objectives: Group Sixty starts its work with clients by helping to frame the business problem as well as define the objectives of the project. Doing so ensures alignment with our clients and helps us gain an understanding of the business problem at hand.
  2. Explore Alternatives: We then lead diagnostic interviews with client executives, conduct secondary research, and assess existing relevant client documentation to help reinforce our understanding of the business problem and explore alternative solutions.
  3. Collaborate on a Plan: Group Sixty then collaborates with client team members to build a plan aimed at achieving the previously defined business objectives. This typically takes place through a facilitated session focused on building a high level plan based on the alternatives uncovered in the previous step. In order to ensure the team is able to take action on the plan, it is broken into individual work streams for the client team to execute. Each work stream is typically assigned to a specific team member as well as support personnel. As an option, Group Sixty can assign consultants to provide project management and support the execution of the plan.
  4. Coach to Success:  Finally, Group Sixty coaches will conduct regular one-to-one coaching calls with work stream leads to ensure progress in executing the overall plan as well as each of the work streams. Coaching provides accountability to both outcomes as well as specific commitments and action steps. In addition, coaches will help work stream leads address individual and organizational barriers by exploring alternatives and addressing the root cause. As such, work stream teams will be able to achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently while overcoming barriers along the way.

To learn more about how Group Sixty can help your company address key business challenges, please contact us.