Five Questions to Ask Before Building a Mobile App

A lot of companies come to us to build them a mobile app, but have not asked themselves some key questions prior to doing so. Creating a game changing iPhone  or Android app is not just a matter of building an application full of features that a company thinks will take off. Apps can become a strategic asset for start-ups as well as established brands to both increase customer engagement as well as deliver top and bottom line benefits. With that in mind, below are five key questions to consider before endeavoring into building a mobile app:

  1. What is my goal in building this app? Creation of a new (or sole) revenue stream, expand your reach, monetize your brand, increase customer engagement?
  2. What value does the app provide to potential users? Does it address a customer’s pain point? Does it provide a new way to engage customers?
  3. What is your budget to make this app a reality? Building an app is not just a matter of building one release and then calling it a day. Future releases based on user feedback with new features need to be considered when coming up with a budget for the app.
  4. Are there other similar apps out there on the marketplace? Before investing in an expensive mobile app, take a look at what other apps are already in the marketplace. Will your app feature functionality not present in your competition or do you have a built-in rapid customer base that can separate your app from the pack?
  5. What is the plan to promote your app? There are over 1.5 million apps in the Apple App Store. Be sure to have a plan and don’t expect it to stand out on its own merit.