Problems We Solve

At Group Sixty, we start by understanding our clients’ pain points and then develop solutions to address them. Specifically, we address common client challenges such as helping companies jump-start stagnant growth, accelerating the execution of a new strategy, increasing the level of collaboration and innovation to fuel growth, positioning companies for growth in the face of industry disruption and competitive threats, and elevating the performance of individual executives and leadership teams.

1. Jump-Start Stagnant Growth:  Group Sixty works with clients to both uncover the source of slow or declining growth as well as develop solutions to address it. In addition, we help clients transform untapped assets such as new technology and intellectual property into commercial opportunities.  We can help you address the following questions:

  • Why has our once industry-leading growth rate slowed?

  • Why are our sales declining while the overall market seems to be growing?

  • What is the best way to commercialize new technologies and intellectual property developed by our internal teams?

  • How can we enhance our sales process or remove barriers to enable growth?

  • Why are our marketing efforts not yielding a large volume of qualified leads?

2. Support the Execution of a New Strategy: Group Sixty has deep expertise in refining and translating high-level business objectives into concrete strategic plans. We help clients who may be asking themselves the following:

  • How do we go about building new products/services or tailoring existing products/services to target a new customer segment?

  • What is the best way to start selling in a new channel such as online or by using an indirect sales model (e.g. using a distributor or outsourced sales personnel)?

  • How can we shift from a company that is product-centric into one that also offers services as a way to grow margins and create recurring revenue streams?

  • What criteria should we use in prioritizing new geographies for expansion?

  • How should we test and launch a new product for our existing customer base?

3. Defend Against Industry Disruption and Competition: Group Sixty can help defend against rapid changes in the marketplace due to the rise of new competitors as well as disruptive technology. We help clients address the following questions:

  • Why are we losing deals to our competitors? 

  • How do we compete against a new global player offering a lower cost product or service? 

  • Should we consider using a different distribution model as a way to lower costs or acquire new customers? 

  • How can we utilize technologies such as 3-D printing to create rapid prototypes, shorten product development time, and change the way we handle distribution? 

  • How can we integrate customer input into our product development process like some of our competitors? 

  • Should we use "big data" to enhance our product development process, pricing, and marketing efforts? 

4. Increase the Level of Collaboration and Innovation to Fuel Growth: Group Sixty also works with clients to help foster greater levels of collaboration and innovation within teams and individuals as well as drive the adoption of a growth mindset.  To do so, Group Sixty facilitates leadership team sessions aimed at increasing innovation and collaboration. We can help address the following questions:

  • How do we increase the level of collaboration within our existing leadership team as well as within the teams of our direct reports?

  • How do we increase innovation at the corporate, team, and individual level?

  • How do we create a process and framework to test new ideas quickly and then commercialize those which offer the biggest potential?

5. Develop Managers into Growth Leaders: Group Sixty coaches emerging leaders to develop a new set of mindsets, behaviors, and skills to successfully shift from a role primarily focused on execution and delivery to one where success is determined by the ability to inspire, empower, and guide their team. New Leader Launch was developed to support newly appointed leaders as well as high potentials but it can also be applied to existing leaders and managers. To learn more, visit the New Leader Launch page.

6. Elevate the Performance of Leadership Teams: Group Sixty also coaches leadership teams in a group format to increase the level and efficacy of communication, become more collaborative, create an environment of trust and psychological safety, and ultimately be more nimble and innovative.

To learn more about how Group Sixty can help your company achieve its growth targets, please contact us