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Darren Reinke, Managing Director of Group Sixty, is distilling leadership strategies and tactics from Group Sixty's leadership development practice into a book to be released in the first half of 2019. The book is titled The Savage Leader: Principles for Building Leadership from the Inside Out and will be available to friends of Group Sixty before it is released to the general public. Please sign-up below to be notified when it's available.

about the book

In a period of intense change fueled by technology-enabled disruption and workforce shifts, leaders need a new approach to leading their teams and organizations as well as directing their own growth. Indeed, a new type of leader is required for success in this modern environment; one who is fiercely authentic, driven by purpose, willing to be bold and learn from setbacks, and able to integrate diverse perspectives into their teams and organizations to ensure a sustainable competitive edge. This is the Savage Leader. This book explores the inner workings of the Savage Leader: Their mindsets, characteristics, and lessons to live by, as told through the personal stories of entrepreneurs, business executives, philanthropists, and pioneers in the fields of sports, entertainment, and technology.


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Special Offer: Each week, Group Sixty will select one person off the waitlist to receive a complimentary Strengths assessment and debrief.  The SDI assessment and debrief, will review what drives you as a leader as well as the set of strengths you use to achieve individual, team, and company objectives. The debrief will also review your weaknesses or Overdone Strengths from the assessment as well as discuss how you handle conflict. 

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