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Group Sixty is a San Diego-based growth acceleration company focused on helping clients transition from one stage of growth to the next. We work with entrepreneurial companies looking to solidify their business models and bolster revenue streams as well as with mid-size companies facing a flattening growth curve. Our consulting and coaching practices create a powerful one-two punch focused on jumpstarting growth at 3 levels of an organization; at the corporate level through execution-focused management consulting and at the team and individual levels through executive and group coaching.



 Opportunity Discovery: 

Are you challenged with finding new avenues for growth? We can identify and assess new and promising growth opportunities such as finding new products/services, markets, customer segments, or partnerships. Learn More.



Are you struggling to translate business objectives and new opportunities into strategic plans aimed at growth? We can help you refine business and initiative-specific objectives and build plans aimed at delivering on them.  Learn More. 


Initiative Execution: 

Are you struggling to execute existing growth initiatives?  We ensure excellence in project management and will help you build a concrete plan and drive the execution of it to ensure you achieve your strategic objectives. Learn More.



Are you consistently hitting your goals? We provide one to one, team, and group coaching to accelerate progress toward achieving individual, initiative, and company-specific goals. Learn More

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Group Sixty has played a critical role at Techmer PM in setting up a professional marketing function on our behalf and executing key marketing programs. In addition, Group Sixty has been instrumental in helping us both craft a strategy and execute against a number of growth initiatives. A laser focus on driving real results continues to make them a key partner to us.”
— David Turner, VP, Marketing and Sales, Techmer PM

2016 Innovation Panel Highlights

Darren Reinke, Managing Director of Group Sixty, moderated an innovation panel at the Rady School of Business at UC San Diego on September 15th, 2016. The panel was hosted by the Berkeley-Haas Alumni Network in partnership with the Rady School and focused on disruptive technology and business models, how to foster a culture of innovation, and other topics related to innovation.  View the highlights by watching the video below.

San Diego Small Business Boot Camp on January 14th

Is your business growing as fast as you want it to grow? Are you able to reach your most profitable customers in a cost efficient way? Do you have a plan in place to achieve your business goals and grow your company in 2017?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, then the San Diego Small Business Boot Camp on January 14th is the forum to help you take your business to the next level. The San Diego Small Business Boot Camp is an action-oriented workshop focused on helping you tackle some of the biggest hurdles to growing and scaling your business. The core of the workshop is focused on driving sales in 2017 but also setting up your business to have predictable, sustainable long-term growth.

Is Your Company Poised for Growth?

Group Sixty has consulted with over a hundred companies, from start-ups to mid-sized businesses to members of the Fortune 500. As part of this work, we have isolated a core set of characteristics that are closely aligned with industry-leading growth rates.

Take the Group Sixty Growth Diagnostic to diagnose key focus areas to drive growth and benchmark against other companies and industries.

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