Group Sixty is a San Diego-based growth acceleration company focused on helping clients grow and driving the creation of predictable, repeatable revenue. Our delivery teams help clients develop and execute strategies and initiatives aimed at growth while coaching leadership teams and individual executives to develop a new set of behaviors aligned with the overall strategy and business objectives.

Group Sixty works with established companies facing stagnant growth as well as entrepreneurial organizations looking to solidify their business models and bolster revenue streams. Our clients span a range of industries and we work with companies in California as well as across the United States.

Our strategy work focuses on helping companies uncover and pilot new sources of revenue, translate new growth strategies into easily executable plans, and provide project management support to execute new strategic initiatives. Our consultant coaches also support the sustainment of new initiatives by ensuring accountability to commitments and milestones as well as helping overcome organizational and resource-specific barriers that emerge along the way.

In support of our strategy work, we coach leadership, cross-functional, and project teams to develop a new set of competencies and behaviors in support of the overall strategy and business objectives. Specific behavioral focus areas include unleashing a greater level of collaboration, trust, truth telling, and communication within both new and established teams. Doing so radically accelerates team impact and efficiency while fostering a new set of behaviors within teams that support the execution of the corporate strategy and drive business outcomes.

Finally, we coach individual leaders, managers, and high-potentials into what we call Growth Leaders; leaders who drive growth for the organization, commit to and accelerate the growth of their teams as individuals and as a collective, and are focused on growing as a leader and an individual.


  • Are you challenged with finding new avenues for growth? We can help identify and assess new and promising growth opportunities such as new products/services, markets, customer segments, or partnerships. 
  • Are you struggling to translate business objectives and new opportunities into strategic plans aimed at growth? We can help you refine business and initiative-specific objectives and build plans aimed at delivering on them.
  • Do you have the resources and skill sets required to execute existing growth initiatives?  We ensure excellence in project management and will help you build a concrete plan and drive the execution of it to ensure you achieve your strategic objectives. 
  • Do your leadership and project teams operate as efficiently and effectively as necessary to achieve company growth objectives? We coach leadership, cross-functional, and project teams to be more collaborative and innovative as well as to communicate more effectively and act in service of team and company-level goals and objectives.
  • Are your leaders consistently meeting their goals while developing their team members along the way? We help coach executives and managers to success by applying a strengths-based approach to accelerate the development of key leadership competencies and their ability to develop their team members.


Group Sixty has delivered the following results for recent clients:

  • Built and executed a strategy to help reposition an established manufacturer from a provider of commoditized products to one that delivers high-value, differentiated products
  • Helped an early-stage company expand from a primarily services-based business to one that offers both services and products
  • Moved an e-commerce company from one that depended on three volatile revenue streams to one with multiple, stable, and diverse revenue streams
  • Helped a technology company translate a new strategy into an executable plan that enabled them to be nimble and compete in a fast moving, competitive marketplace
  • Shifted the marketing team of a technology company from one that tackled problems in siloes to one that embraces collaboration and has a service orientation
  • Shifted an automotive parts supplier from one that was overwhelmed with data to one that leverages data in a holistic and process-oriented way

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