Group Sixty was founded in 2011 by Darren Reinke to provide clients with customized consulting services focused on strategy, marketing, and change management. Darren has 20 years of experience in consulting, coaching, marketing, corporate strategy, and business development. His specific expertise is in driving growth for clients by zeroing in on the highest return opportunities, building plans to execute on key business objectives, and driving projects through to completion. 

Darren began his consulting career in 1997 at Accenture in San Francisco, CA. At Accenture, he engaged clients to define, develop, and implement business strategies, processes, and information systems. After his time at Accenture, Darren received an MBA from UC Berkeley focused on marketing.  Since he received his MBA, Darren has worked in consulting as well as successfully launched start-ups focused on the outdoor sports vertical. 

When he is not advising clients, Darren spends time outdoors with his family in San Diego.


Our team hails from consulting and industry alike and are experienced in driving growth.  We have worked with over a hundred clients in a wide array of industries that range from manufacturing and consumer products to professional services and high-tech. In addition to top-notch professional experience, our consultants have MBAs from UC Berkeley, UCLA, MIT, BYU and other top academic institutions. 

Our Philosophy

What we believe: 

  • Deep partnerships vs. Consultant/client relationships
  • Laser focused goals vs. Broad objectives
  • Open collaboration vs. Siloed thinking
  • Outside-in vs. Inside-out approach to delivering customer  value
  • Focused pilot programs vs. Launching untested business ideas