San Diego-Based Consulting and Executive Coaching Company

Group Sixty helps clients compete in fast growing, chaotic markets by accelerating their ability to execute.

Nine out of ten Fortune 500 companies from the 1950s are gone, have merged, or have significantly downsized. In addition, the lifespan of a Fortune 500 company has gone from 60 years in the 1950s to less than 15 years and continues to decline. Companies large and small are dominating their categories for shorter and shorter time horizons due to disruptive technologies and companies.

As a result, organizations can’t afford to rely on a superior strategy, brand, and products to succeed in the current marketplace. Companies need to increase both the speed and quality of execution to outflank their rivals and industry upstarts. Projects that are late, over budget, and with little accountability are no longer just a drag on the bottom line, but pose an existential threat to the ongoing viability of a company.

At the same time, leaders need to create organizational agility to adjust to changes in their business model, go to market strategy, product portfolio, and organizational structure resulting from competitive forces and disruption. This goes beyond the strategy function and involves taking an approach to developing leaders that will enable them to change roles and develop new skills amid radical changes to the company. Think what Netflix had to do in shifting from a logistics company mailing red envelopes to a technology and content production powerhouse.


Group Sixty exists to help clients compete in fast growing, chaotic markets by accelerating their ability to execute. We blend the traditional disciplines of management consulting and executive coaching to help clients develop strategies to defend against disruption and execute key strategic growth initiatives as well as build bullet-proof leadership teams and transform leaders’ ability to inspire, empower, and develop their teams.

Group Sixty was founded by Darren Reinke, who has both worked for and consulted for Accenture and other consultancies, as a lean, execution obsessed alternative to the big firms that propose bloated scopes and teams. The company blends management consulting and executive coaching given their experience in seeing projects struggle due to underdeveloped leaders and under-performing leadership and project teams.

Our philosophy

We believe that everyone has the potential to be a leader. Our mission is to uncover and activate that potential in order to create greatness for individuals, the teams that they lead, and their organizations.


Our work with clients typically starts in 2 areas:

  • Project Execution: We help clients successfully execute their strategies and new growth initiatives (e.g. new product launches, expansion into a new region, new organization structure, new distribution model) by first clarifying their goals and then breaking down the strategy to achieve them into easily executable plans and action steps, assigning team members to each task, and instilling a sense of ownership in achieving the project outcomes. Our delivery teams provide expertise and strategic insight as well as the “arms and legs” to manage key growth projects.

  • Executive Coaching: We conduct workshops and one-on-one coaching to help leaders and their teams gain a greater understanding of their individual and team strengths and learn to use them to improve communication, trust, collaboration, and ultimately execution. In addition, our approach arms leaders with a set of strengths-based tools that can be integrated into their personal development plans to maximize their leadership impact over time. Further, we equip leaders to shift into roles requiring new skills by leaning on their strengths and what makes them unique as a leader. Our leadership development work is powered by Gallup’s CliftonStrengths (Formerly “StrengthsFinder”) and Core Strength’s SDI methodology.


  • Has your growth flat lined and are you challenged with finding new avenues for growth? We can help identify and assess new and promising growth opportunities such as new products/services, markets, customer segments, or partnerships and then build a project plan to execute against it.

  • Are you struggling to break down your corporate strategy into an actionable plan that your team can execute? We can help refine your goals and objectives and then break down the strategy into a manageable plan that can be executed by your existing team.

  • Do you have the in-house resources and skillsets to execute new growth initiatives and projects? We can provide outsourced project managers to ensure that new growth projects are delivered on time and on budget while ensuring they meet key business metrics.

  • Does your leadership team operate as efficiently and effectively as necessary to achieve company goals? We lead team coaching sessions to help leadership, cross-functional, and project teams increase the level of trust, communication, collaboration, and ownership.

  • Are your new leaders and managers struggling with meeting the increased demands of their new roles? We use a strengths-based coaching approach to help new leaders and managers develop a new set of mindsets, behaviors, and skills to successfully shift from a role primarily focused on execution and delivery to one where success is determined by the ability to inspire, empower, and guide their team.


  • Implemented a strengths-based culture at a technology company to help streamline communication, build trust through greater understanding, and improve the pace of execution and product development

  • Created the strategy and product roadmap to help a professional services company pivot and launch a highly scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model that will help provide predictable, repeatable revenue

  • Established and rolled-out multiple new strategic partnerships to help an e-commerce company diversify its revenue streams to ensure sustainable revenue growth

  • Built the strategy and executed the plan to help reposition an established manufacturer from a provider of commoditized products to one that delivers high-value, differentiated products

  • Led a series of team coaching sessions to shift the marketing team of a technology company from one that tackled problems in siloes to one that embraces collaboration and has a service orientation

  • Helped a software company built on a legacy platform accelerate their evolution into a SaaS company by breaking the high-level strategy into manageable work streams and by ensuring accountability to action and results

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