Group Sixty Executive Coaching HELPS Unleash the Potential within Leaders and Teams

In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, companies can’t win if they are regularly churning through their most important asset - people. To compete, companies need to engage and retain top performers while attracting new talent with fresh ideas. At the core, people don’t quit companies, they quit managers.

 Group Sixty was founded in 2010 by Darren Reinke to help companies win in competitive marketplaces by maximizing the development and impact of leaders and their teams. Specifically, we strengthen organizations by transforming leaders and managers into player coaches who can develop and engage their direct reports. We also coach leadership teams to improve communication, collaboration, trust, and accountability leading to greater productivity and lower turnover.

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Standing apart from the competition, Group Sixty blends the traditional disciplines of management consulting, executive coaching, and personal branding so that we can seamlessly pivot from coaching conversations focused on soft skills to sessions around high-level business strategy and execution.


Our Philosophy

We believe that there is leadership potential inside all of us. There is both an opportunity to develop as a leader and an imperative for organizations to make leadership development a top priority. Activating leadership potential within all tentacles of an organization enables greater agility, increased innovation, heightened awareness of shifting marketplace dynamics, and offers support mechanisms to executives appointed to lead productive teams.

Get Started

To learn about transforming your leaders and teams, please schedule a 15 minute introductory phone call. In the meantime, you can read our viewpoints on leadership by reading 10 Things Great Leaders Do.