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Group Sixty has created a number of tools and resources to help you, your team, and your organization accelerate progress toward achieving your goals. Be sure to check back frequently as we will be regularly adding new tools, worksheets, research, and other items to this page.

3 Habits to Jumpstart Your Success

Discover 3 new high-return habits that you can start practicing immediately to accelerate progress toward your goals.

  1. Habit 1: Eliminate Your Tolerations – What are you currently “putting up” with that is dragging down your performance and slowing your progress towards achieving goals?

  2. Habit 2: Set Sprint Goals – How can you conduct regular sprints during the year to help accelerate your success while ensuring goals remain relevant?

  3. Habit 3: Take Regular Days “Off the Grid” to Recharge and Reboot – How can you maximize your time off?

50 Questions Leaders Should Ask

Created as a follow-up to the 5 Types of Questions Leaders Can Use to Drive Growth of Their Companies blog post, this eBook lays out 50 specific questions you can apply to your business that will help challenge existing assumptions, explore new ideas and alternatives,  and reframe current problems as well as focus on next steps and ensure commitment to action.  Sample questions include the following:

  • Assumption Challenging Question: If you knew there was no risk of failure and no financial or time constraints, how would you approach this problem?

  • Exploration Question: What are 3 other ways we could solve the same customer challenge?

  • Reframing/Perspective Changing Question: What approach would we take if we were entering this business for the first time?

  • Focusing Question: In order for us to be successful, what are the 3 most critical actions we must start immediately?

  • Action/Commitment Oriented Questions: What accountability mechanism do we need to create to ensure success with this new initiative?