Results through Relationships™: Discover the HOW of Working Together

Results through Relationships Workshops show you how to build a culture of collaborative communication.

Does a lack of collaboration impede your organization's ability to innovate? Do the different functions struggle to communicate with one another resulting in the best ideas becoming stuck within silos? Does your company struggle with an "us versus them" mentality between different teams, functions, and divisions? Is your organization's ability to execute slowed down by a lack of communication? 

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, attending a Results through Relationships workshop can help. The Results through Relationships course was designed to help individual team members and teams communicate more effectively in order to help build and sustain collaborative relationships within an organization and with customers and partners. Doing so drives a radical improvement in collaboration, team effectiveness, communication across and within teams, and ultimately leads to key business outcomes.

The "Results through Relationships Workshop" uses Core Strength's SDI assessment and methodology that have been used by millions of people worldwide and at leading organizations including Apple, Twitter, Coca-Cola, Boeing, Adobe, Verizon, IBM, Pfizer, Raytheon, Peet's Coffee & Tea, the US Army, and many more.

results through relationships program content

Results through Relationships is a full-day course designed for leadership teams as well as well as groups of employees across an organization. By participating in the course, attendees will gain a better understanding of their individual motives and strengths as well as those of other members on their team and within their organization. As a result, participants will leave the workshop armed with a set of mindsets and tools to improve communications and enhance relationships within and across teams ultimately leading to improved team effectiveness and performance. The course can also be delivered in a half-day format and is a great fit as part of strategy and planning meetings, sales meetings, and leadership offsites. Below is a high-level overview of the content and exercises that make up the Results through Relationships Workshop. 

1:assess motives when things are going well

In this first module, you'll learn how to Access Motives when things are going well. You'll unpack the results from your SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) assessment, which will reveal your Motivational Value System (MVS). You’ll see how your MVS influences the way you work with others and how their MVS influences the way they work with you. You’ll also dive into your Action Planner, which will help you focus and apply everything you learn throughout the program, so you can produce better results through relationships.

2: assess motives when there is conflict

You’ll continue learning, based on your scientifically valid and reliable SDI results, about how to Access Motives when they change during conflict and how that affects your working relationships.

3: Bring the right strengths - know your reasons

You have 28 strengths at your disposal, and it is important to understand how to use the best strengths for each of your high-stakes situations. In this module, you’ll look at how you currently use your strengths and learn how to deploy different strengths that will produce better results. You’ll also have an opportunity to see and hear exactly how your strengths are perceived by others and gain a new awareness about how your strengths affect your team relationships. You'll be able to clearly determine the motives underlying each of your strengths, giving you a way to decide which to use when.

4: Bring the right strengths - prevent overdoing

Your weaknesses often make it difficult to work productively with others. What you don’t realize is that your weaknesses actually begin as personal strengths that you use to excess and have become ineffective or annoying, or even lead to interpersonal conflict. In this module, you’ll take a hard look at the ways you get over-invested in your strengths and how you limit your effectiveness. A powerful and revealing activity will show you exactly who you’re most likely to run into difficulty with if you overdo a strength to the extent that it actually becomes a liability (weakness). But more importantly, we’ll show you how to manage your overdone strengths and turn them back into the productive forces that you intend them to be.

5: communicate in the right style - use the language of the sdi

Attending a Results through Relationships course is like learning a powerful new language. We help you build a collaboration vocabulary that you can use whether you’re writing a crucial customer email, navigating a tricky conference call, or taking part in an important meeting. When you have a clear goal in mind and have assessed your motives and your stakeholder’s motives, you can literally speak the other person’s language. Then the challenge is to communicate in a way that the other person will understand while still being true to yourself. We’ll show you, with structured practice, how to learn this skill and then apply it to a high-stakes situation where you need to produce a key result. You leave with a new communication skill and a completed action planner to implement to get better results through relationships.


By participating in a Results through Relationships Workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively with your teammates and clients so you can achieve mutually beneficial results.

  • Know your strengths and deploy them at the right time for the right reason for greater effectiveness.

  • Increase people's commitment to and responsibility for achieving shared outcomes.

  • Assume a greater sense of ownership for producing results.

  • Collaborate with members of your team to make the best decisions for your organization.

  • Create a Results Action Planner for a high-stakes situation you are facing right now.

WHO Should Participate

Results through Relationships is a great fit for leadership teams, cross-functional project teams, as well as entire organizations. The course can be delivered in a full or half-day format and works extremely well as part of strategy and planning meetings, sales meetings, and leadership offsites.

To learn more about the Results through Relationships Workshop and how it can help you and your organization build a culture of collaborative communication, please send an email to


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