New Leader Launch Executive Coaching Overview

New leaders are developed, not born. Like any other skill, it takes deliberate practice and a purposeful approach to become a successful leader.  As a result, we created the New Leader Launch, a 3-month executive coaching program focused on helping emerging leaders develop a new set of mindsets, behaviors, and skills to successfully shift from a role primarily focused on execution and delivery to one where success is determined by the ability to inspire, empower, and guide their team. New Leader Launch was developed to support newly appointed leaders as well as high potentials but it can also be applied to existing leaders.

New Leader Launch utilizes a Strengths-based approach to coach leaders to success in their new roles by learning to leverage Strengths that are instinctive while tapping into others as necessary based on the specific context. The curriculum is comprised of a series of structured coaching sessions and exercises that are grounded in each individual’s unique business context.

program content

New Leader Launch includes the following components over the course of 3 months:

Pre-Session - Understanding and Applying Your Strengths

  • Gain a deep, practical understanding of your Strengths and learn how to apply them in different leadership contexts

  • Learn how your Strengths are expressed and their effect on other team members; discuss approaches to amplify the positive and minimize the negative

  • Create and adjust your personal development plan to leverage your Strengths and unique talents

  • Create an action plan to apply your Strengths in your new role as a leader and in elevating your team members

month 1 - presenting yourself as a leader

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to “show up” as a leader in your organization

  • Learn what it means to communicate as a leader as well as identify and start closing gaps to do so

  • Learn what executive presence is and how to improve it

  • Create an individual leadership brand aligned with your Strengths and values

  • Build an action plan focused on new mindsets, skills, and behaviors required to present yourself as a leader

month 2 - elevating in your role as a growth leader

  • Gain a deep understanding of the traits of a Growth Leader: Becoming a revenue-driver, developing your team, and committing to an individual growth path in service of your company and career

  • Align your Strengths with the goals of your team to drive growth in an authentic way

  • Deep dive on the leadership competencies as well as the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the new role

  • Learn to apply a “coaching approach” to accelerate the growth of your team

  • Create an action plan to start to close the gaps needed to elevate in your new leadership role

month 3 - fostering strong team dynamics

  • Learn and discuss the critical attributes of the highest performing leadership teams and how they can be applied to your team

  • Define and apply a new set of practices to increase the level of communication, candor, trust, authenticity, approachability, and accountability within your team

  • Create a mission statement for your team that aligns with your values and beliefs as well as with the organization’s strategy and core values

  • Develop an action plan focused on closing the gaps necessary to foster strong team dynamics

Format & structure

New Leader Launch is delivered over the course of 3 months using a combination of monthly deep dive sessions followed by one-on-one coaching calls. The program is applicable for individual leaders looking to elevate within their role as well as groups of leaders within a single organization who share a common role or growth objective.

New Leader Launch consists of an initial 2-hour session focused on “Understanding and Applying Your Strengths” followed by structured modules over the course of 3 months.

Each of the modules consists of a 2-hour in-person or video conference session to go in-depth on each topic and to build an action plan to apply new mindsets, behaviors, and skills over the course of the month and beyond. In addition, Group Sixty will conduct one-hour, one-on-one coaching calls with each leader twice per month to ensure accountability to the plan as well as provide additional coaching around each topic.

expected outcomes

By participating in Group Sixty's New Leader Launch program, leaders will learn to:

  • Understand and leverage their Strengths to succeed as a new leader in their organization

  • Identify the specific gaps in their roles as new leaders and develop an action plan to close them

  • Increase executive presence and the ability to communicate as a leader to their team as well as to the broader organization

  • Establish a personal leadership brand that aligns with their personal values and beliefs

  • Become a coach to their direct team members and support their individual and collective development

  • Increase the level of communication, collaboration, trust, candor, and accountability within their team

  • Establish a team mission and set of values that align with that of the overall company and with their team’s business objectives