Group Sixty Executive Coaching Services: The Work We Do

Group Sixty is an executive coaching company with a laser focus on maximizing the development and impact of leaders and their teams. We blend the traditional disciplines of management consulting, executive coaching, and personal branding so that we can seamlessly pivot from coaching conversations focused on soft skills to sessions around high-level business strategy and execution.

 Our focus is in three areas: Individual Leaders, Leadership Teams, and the Broader Organization.

Individual Leaders

Individual leaders: Helping Unleash the Leader Within by uncovering and leveraging strengths

  • Transform leaders and managers into player coaches who develop and engage their direct reports

  • Help build an authentic leadership brand, based on values and strengths

  • Develop executive presence and communicate with impact

  • Learn to influence, motivate, and empower team members

Services for Individual Leaders

  • New Leader Launch: Transform managers into leaders who can guide, motivate, and empower. Learn More

  • Authentic Leader Coaching: Unleash your strengths to maximize your potential. Learn More

  • Building Executive Presence: Show up and present like a CEO. Learn More

Leadership Teams 4.jpg

Leadership Teams: Building Collaborative, Trust-Based Teams which Deliver Results

  • Establish a North Star for the leadership team

  • Create alignment around purpose, mission, and vision

  • Increase trust, communication, collaboration, and alignment

  • Reduce conflict among individual team members

Services for Leadership Teams

  • Unbreakable Teams: Transform underperforming teams to collaborate, innovate, and deliver results. Learn More

  • Strengths Based Offsites: Leverage team strengths to solve strategic issues while improving team relationships. Learn More

Companies 2.jpg

companies: Transforming organizations through better communication and lower conflict

  • Improve communication through relationship knowledge and insight

  • Increase agility and innovation through greater collaboration

  • Break down silos through shared purpose and understanding

  • Increase understanding of individual and collective motives and strengths to harness the power of diversity

Services for Entire Companies

  • Results through Relationships: Increase productivity and collaboration through improved communication. Learn More

  • Leading with Strengths: Learn and adopt the language of strengths to maximize organizational performance. Learn More