Group Sixty helps companies accelerate their growth by supporting the development and execution of strategies and initiatives aimed at growth while coaching leadership teams and individual executives to develop a new set of behaviors aligned with the strategy and business objectives. Our services fall into the following areas and can be delivered individually or as a packaged solution of more than one component.



Are you challenged with finding new avenues for growth? We help clients identify and assess new growth opportunities including new products and services, expanding into adjacent markets, targeting new customer segments, and establishing new strategic partnerships.


Is your company struggling to develop and execute a new business strategy aimed at growth? We facilitate collaborative activities to help companies translate business objectives into concrete strategies and ready-to-execute implementation plans.


Does your company have the expertise and resources to execute new growth initiatives? We partner with companies to ensure the successful implementation of new growth initiatives by providing project execution support, accountability coaching, as well as outsourced project managers. 


Do your senior leaders exhibit the right behaviors required for your company to successfully execute its business strategy? We coach leadership teams and individual executives to develop a new set of competencies and behaviors in support of their organization’s strategy that ultimately drive business outcomes.

In addition to the services identified above, we offer the following point solutions that can help you achieve some specific quick wins. 


  • Strategic Plan Creation: Help companies create or update a strategic plan through facilitated sessions. 
  • Value Proposition Development: Partner with clients to develop a differentiated value proposition and messaging to stand out in a competitive marketplace and arm its salespeople to close.
  • Business Development Acceleration: Develop proposals, pitch decks, and sales primers to enable sales teams.
  • Partnership Identification and Acceleration: Identify and prioritize key partners as well as negotiate partnership agreements to achieve growth. 
  • Digital Roadmap Development: Create a digital roadmap including a customer acquisition strategy, website monetization, and more. 


  • Ideation and Collaborative Session Facilitation: Facilitate sessions aimed at developing new business ideas as well as tackling thorny business issues. 
  • Executive Coaching: Provide behind-the-scenes coaching to executives to ensure individual growth as well as growth of the broader organization.