Group Sixty’s process consists of three key stages; develop plan, coach to success, review and measure.


1. develop plan

  • Define desired end state; “What does success look like?”

  • Build individual, team plan (3, 6, 12 months)

  • Gain input from individuals, teams, stakeholders

  • Confirm metrics to measure progress; align with company objectives

  • Commit to action

Coach to Success.jpg

2. coach to success

  • Conduct assessment (Strengths, team, 360) to assess current state of individuals and teams

  • Coach leaders/teams to achieve desired results

    • One-on-one

    • Groups of leaders

    • Leadership Teams

    • Organization wide

  • Ensure forward progress and commitments are met


3. review and measure

  • Review program progress (Mid-point, end) with individuals, team, and stakeholders 

  • Assess metrics of success 

  • Integrate feedback into ongoing coaching plan 

  • Determine next steps for sustainment 

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