Group Sixty Diagnostic

The Group Sixty Growth Diagnostic (GGD): Group Sixty has consulted with over a hundred companies, from start-ups to mid-sized businesses to members of the Fortune 500. As part of this work, we have isolated a core set of characteristics that are closely aligned with industry-leading growth rates.

The Group Sixty Growth Diagnostic was created to help companies diagnose key areas of focus to help drive growth as well as serve as a company and industry benchmark. The Diagnostic only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Once you have finished taking the GDD, Group Sixty will provide you with a report summarizing your results.


GROWTH LEADER assessment

The Growth Leader Assessment (GLA) is a diagnostic tool used to assess leaders and more importantly to direct their development in service of individual professional objectives and those of their team and broader organization. 

The intention of the GLA is to focus on the activities and behaviors that are directly correlated to success among the highest performing leaders, teams, and organizations. The output of the GLA can be used to inform coaching efforts as well organization Personal Development Plans.