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In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, companies can’t win if they are regularly churning through their most important asset - people. To compete, companies need to engage and retain top performers while attracting new talent with fresh ideas. At the core, people don’t quit companies, they quit managers.

Group Sixty strengthens organizations by transforming leaders and managers into player coaches who can engage, develop and promote their direct reports. We also coach leadership teams to improve communication, collaboration, trust, and accountability leading to greater productivity and lower turnover from the top down.

Standing apart from the competition, Group Sixty blends the traditional disciplines of management consulting, executive coaching, and personal branding so that we can seamlessly pivot from coaching conversations focused on soft skills to sessions around high-level business strategy and execution.

OUR focus is at three levels: Leaders, teams, and companies

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  • Transform leaders and managers into player coaches who develop and engage their direct reports

  • Help build an authentic leadership brand based on values and strengths

  • Develop executive presence and the ability to communicate with impact

  • Learn to influence, motivate, and empower team members

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  • Establish a North Star for the leadership team

  • Create alignment around purpose, mission, and vision

  • Increase trust, communication, collaboration, alignment, and accountability

  • Reduce conflict among individual team members

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COACHING companies: transforming companies through better communication 

  • Improve communication through relationship knowledge and insight

  • Increase agility and innovation through greater collaboration

  • Break down silos through shared purpose and understanding

  • Increase understanding of individual and collective motives and strengths to harness the power of diversity

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Group Sixty’s New Leader Launch Program has improved productivity within my team by helping me identify different personality traits to best tailor my approach to inspire, lead, and obtain results. Their structure showed me how to accentuate my current leadership strengths, improve morale, and navigate confrontational situations. Other methods and services which I have tried did not provide the depth and insight on how to empathize with and empower others within my organization. I recommend Group Sixty to anyone who is new to their leadership role, or just looking to sharpen their skills.”
— Steve Loney, Director of Market Development, Techmer PM

Are You a Growth Leader for Your Company? Take Our Assessment to Find Out

Group Sixty's Growth Leader Assessment is a diagnostic tool used to assess executives against the attributes of the highest performing leaders. More importantly, it is used to direct their development in service of individual professional objectives and those of their team and broader organization. Take the assessment now to see how you stack up and learn best practices you can adopt to elevate in your role as a leader.

Is Your Company Poised for Growth?

Group Sixty has consulted with over a hundred companies, from start-ups to mid-sized businesses to members of the Fortune 500. As part of this work, we have isolated a core set of characteristics that are closely aligned with industry-leading growth rates.

Take the Group Sixty Growth Diagnostic to diagnose key focus areas to drive growth and benchmark against other companies and industries.

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