Group Sixty Testimonials

Exceeding client expectations is the primary aim at Group Sixty. Please read on to hear what some of our clients are saying about our work.

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"Darren and I had the pleasure of working together when I was in global marketing for Accenture. He provided insight into strategy development and execution with a focus on events, thought leadership, and enabling account teams. He is bright, energetic and creative." 

— Robin Kimzey,  Senior Manager, Marketing & Sales, Accenture


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"Darren and Group Sixty helped us distill direction and focus in the most chaotic of environments, an early stage, venture backed, startup. While each member of the Retina executive team had many years of management experience, he helped us to weave a tapestry of our strengths and weakness, through which we now lens many of our important decisions. Moving forward, we have now changed how we do business day-to-day, which I am confident will have long term impacts. I highly recommend Darren for any executive team looking to navigate high pressure, competitive environments."

—Michael Greenberg, CEO, Retina AI

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"Darren's performance agility sets him apart from the pack. We partnered together to outline a series of high impact senior leadership meeting agendas over an 18-month period. When the tone and direction of a particular meeting needed to change, Darren was able to quickly adapt, allowing us to stay on track with our commitments. These meetings were designed to help us execute on a number of strategic priorities and Darren played a key role in ensuring they were successful. Darren also has a wonderful sense of humor which helps to lighten the mood during particularly stressful situations. I had a ball working with him."

— Kelly Gropack, Head of Organizational Development, Dun & Bradstreet


"Group Sixty has played a critical role at Techmer PM in setting up a professional marketing function on our behalf and executing key marketing programs. In addition, Group Sixty has been instrumental in helping us both craft a strategy and execute against a number of growth initiatives. A laser focus on driving real results continues to make them a key partner to us.”

— David Turner, VP, Marketing and Sales, Techmer PM

"I have hired Darren several times over the past ten years for his high-level strategic thinking and delivery excellence as well as his relentless focus on execution. Darren has helped me in a number of areas across multiple projects including high-level strategy for Fortune 100 firms, development of new revenue models, creation of thought leadership and sales collateral, and accelerating business development activity. Darren is unique talent in that he can handle a wide range of tasks, all with excellence and a sense of calm and professionalism."

-John Kelly, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group 


"I count on Darren at Group Sixty to help me with our most complex business problems.  He has a knack for getting to the root of the issue and then designing creative solutions for my team to act upon.  His ability to clearly communicate and inspire team members has accelerated performance for our entire group.  Over the past four years, he has been my most valued partner in coaching our high potentials to achieve their goals and provide top notch client delivery." 

-Annette Templeton, Senior Vice President of Consulting, Ferrazzi Greenlight

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"I contacted Group Sixty because I started a new position in an industry I had no experience in. I needed assistance in constructing an authentic sales pitch, setting and prioritizing my goals, and writing down the steps I needed to take to reach those goals. Together, we created a plan that keeps me engaged and accountable. I highly recommend Group Sixty!"

-Sara Peltier, Brand Ambassador, Spa Girl Cocktails


"Darren has been a true asset to my business. He's that voice everyone is seeking in their business to add a layer of confidence to their decisions, and to ask the needed questions for you to think critically about. As a business owner, I can get so deeply involved that sometimes I need a reality check, and Darren serves that important role for me. He has a great approach to problem-solving, which I found most helpful. He is very upbeat and passionate about what he does, and it shows in the level of service he provides on a daily basis.  If you are a business owner looking to take your business to the next level, Darren will show you the way." 

-Scott McBride, Founder, Brilliant Event Lighting