Group Sixty was founded in 2010 by Darren Reinke to help companies win in competitive marketplaces by maximizing the development and impact of leaders and their teams.

 Darren’s career started at Accenture in 1997 out of the San Francisco office. While there, he developed a strong consulting skill set through his strategic consulting work with companies such as Adecco, E*TRADE, and Kaiser Permanente. After his time at Accenture, Darren received his MBA from UC Berkeley. Darren also has gained practical, hands-on experience on the client side working at leading companies including Gap, Neutrogena, and Provide Commerce (now FTD).


Our team consists of seasoned leaders with a blend of executive coaching, consulting, and industry experience. We have worked with over one hundred clients in a wide array of industries that range from manufacturing and consumer products to professional services and high-tech. In addition to top-notch professional experience, our team members have MBAs from UC Berkeley, UCLA, MIT, BYU and other top academic institutions. 

Our Philosophy

We believe that there is leadership potential inside all of us and that there is both an opportunity to develop as a leader and an imperative for our companies to make leadership development a top priority. Activating leadership potential within all tentacles of an organization enables greater agility, increased innovation, heightened awareness of shifting marketplace dynamics, and offers support mechanisms to executives appointed to lead productive teams.