Information Session for Aztec CEO Peer Group - September 25, 2019

Group Sixty’s CEOBoost - Aztec Chapter, is a peer-to-peer coaching and advisory group for CEOs and business owners who are alums of San Diego State University. To learn more about the group, we are hosting a lunch meeting on September 25th from 11:30 AM to 1 PM in UTC (9540 Towne Centre Dr suite 150, San Diego, CA 92121). Lunch will be provided and we will discuss the structure of the group, benefits of joining, and also conduct an exercise that will allow prospective members to experience the group benefits before signing up. If you can attend, please fill out the form below.

KEY DETAILS of Aztec CEO Group

WHAT: ½ day in-person peer-to-peer coaching and advisory meeting per month. Membership also includes a monthly one-on-one coaching session with group coach Darren Reinke.

WHO: 8 to 12 CEOs/business leaders who are alums of San Diego State University.

WHERE: Members rotate hosting each month.

WHY: Companies whose CEOs are in peer-to-peer coaching grow at 2x those who are not. Nearly all CEOs want coaching, yet only 66% actually receive it*


TACKLE CRITICAL ISSUES: Present critical strategic issues to a group of CEO peers and receive direct advice about how to address them.

ACQUIRE NEW KNOWLEDGE: Acquire new knowledge from speakers that you can use to grow yourself and your company.

DEVELOP LEADERSHIP SKILLS: Receive coaching to develop and refine leadership skills during monthly meetings and one-on-one coaching (included in membership).

CONNECT WITH PEERS: Bond with fellow CEOs who share similar professional goals as well as a common alumni affiliation.


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