Many of our clients come to us to help jump-start their sales and business development efforts. Making even the smallest change to the sales and business development process can have a profound effect on near-term business results. Group Sixty helps clients in the following ways:

  • Customer Selection Criteria: Group Sixty will assess your current customer selection criteria and customer set to identify opportunities for growth. Many companies large and small unknowingly spend a disproportionate amount of time targeting either the wrong companies or those with limited growth potential. Group Sixty will help you build a robust set of customer selection criteria that will help you target the most profitable opportunities as well as the right targets (the actual buyers) within the company.
  • Company and Product/Service Positioning: Group Sixty will examine your company as well as products and services to ensure they are positioned effectively for your target customer. Key outputs from this analysis are recommendations to update customer messaging, price points, branding, and marketing activities.
  • Competitive Research: Group Sixty will perform deep competitive research to ensure that you always stay one step ahead of your competition and are uniquely positioned in the marketplace. Understanding what your competitors are doing in the market is critical as you look to build and maintain a competitive advantage. Competitive research also feeds directly into your strategic planning efforts as well as day-to-day tactical activities.
  • Proposal Development: Group Sixty will help enhance your existing customer proposals as well as build new ones from the ground up. Our team of consultants works closely with your sales and marketing teams to understand customer needs and craft a proposal that addresses them directly.
  • Collateral Assessment: In addition to helping with proposals, Group Sixty can assess your existing marketing collateral including brochures, white papers, one pagers, and case studies to identify opportunities for improvement.

To find out how we can help you and your company, contact Group Sixty.