CEO Growth connection overview

Group Sixty’s CEO Growth Connection is a peer-to-peer group coaching experience that enables fellow CEOs to address key strategic issues they face as well as connect, learn, and grow in a safe and supportive environment among likeminded executives. The CEO Growth Connection consists of monthly, half-day sessions in addition to one-on-one coaching calls between meetings.

Monthly sessions focus in 3 key areas; gaining peer-input and coaching into key strategic topics as well as people issues participants are facing, enhancing leadership competencies to be a more effective leader and help motivate and empower your leadership team, and conducting interactive learning exercises led by outside speakers on topics chosen by participants such as network development, sales strategy, and compensation.

One-on-one coaching between sessions provides additional, personalized coaching on topics that have come up during the group meetings as well as other issues relevant to individuals. One-on-one sessions also provide an opportunity to deep-dive on the development and enhancement of leadership competencies necessary for ongoing success as a CEO.

The group is open to up to 10 CEOs and will be led by Darren Reinke, Group Sixty Managing Director. Darren is a former Accenture consultant and has his MBA from UC Berkeley. In addition, Darren is a certified executive coach through the International Coach Federation.

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Download the 3 Habits to Jumpstart Your Success eBook!