Group Sixty offers a full range of creative services to our clients; website and mobile app development, logo design, marketing collateral creation, company and product naming, as well as projects with a broader scope including the creation of a new or modified visual identity. We work with both large and small companies as well as business to business and business to consumer organizations to bring your creative vision to life.

Website and Mobile App Development

Our expert team of designers and developers have a long track record of developing both websites and mobile applications for our clients. Whether your goal is create an eCommerce platform for your company or just update an existing website, we can meet your needs.

Logo Design

Our in-house design team can both build a logo from the ground up or update an existing logo to fit within a more modern context. Many companies view a logo simply as something that is visually appealing, thereby missing an opportunity to create an integrated element which communicates the brand benefits to customers. We work with our clients to ensure aesthetic appeal as well as build-in broader messaging components.

Marketing Collateral Development

Regardless of industry or size, all companies need marketing collateral with visual appeal that communicates the benefits of their product or service to customers. Our team can help with the design and creation of business cards, marketing brochures, promotional flyers, product packaging, point-of-sale displays, as well as other customer facing collateral.

Company and Product Naming

Whether your start-up needs a name or your team needs support with naming a new product, service, or high-value project, our team is here to help. Group Sixty’s ideation process consists of both primary and secondary research as well as collaborative brainstorming sessions to come up with a name that is memorable, unique, and communicates the benefits of your product or service.

To find out how we can help you and your company, contact Group Sixty.