E-commerce companies are constantly challenged with acquiring new customers in a profitable manner. Group Sixty helps clients develop a strong battery of high-volume and profitable new customers via affiliate strategies as well as other strategic partnerships. To do so, we utilize the following process to drive near-term results:

  • Partner Identification: Identify and prioritize possible acquisition partners based on potential volume of new customers, profitability, and fit with business strategy
  • Value Proposition Development: Develop value proposition on which to base approach of acquisition partners
  • Approach: Approach possible partners on behalf of client or provide outreach strategy to do so
  • Negotiate: Negotiate deal terms that maximize financial impact while ensuring aligning with long-term business strategy
  • Contract: Support the contract process from initial draft through final signature
  • Execution: Provide support in executing new partnership. This may include advising on creative, landing pages, structuring and analyzing site tests, and ongoing ideas to optimize performance.

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