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Group Sixty offers coaching to groups of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are focused on growing their companies, teams, and careers.  Given the common set of challenges facing professionals in the events industry, we launched a specific Events Group Coaching Series. The course is for event planners, caterers, musicians & DJs, event rental companies, audio/visual experts, venue owners and others involved in organizing and executing events.

Group coaching offers the benefits of one-on-one coaching while also gaining the efficiencies of participating in a group and the added dimension of learning from peers who share similar goals and challenges.

events group coaching DETAILS

Monthly Coaching Session: The second Wednesday of the month from 10 AM to 12 PM PT in Encinitas, CA.
Monthly Action & Accountability Webinar: The fourth Wednesday of the month from 11 AM to 12 PM PT by phone.
Cost: $300 per month.

key topic areas and challenges we address

The participants drive the agenda of group coaching sessions, but the following is a sample of the topics as well as specific questions that have been addressed with previous groups.

  • Running a Business
    • What is a good business strategy and how do I build one for my business?
    • How can I translate my business goals into a short-term action plan that delivers results?
    • What metrics should I be tracking for my business and how do I track them?
    • What are the habits of the most successful business owners?
  • Increasing Sales
    • How can I convert more leads into sales?
    • How can I shorten the sales cycle time?
    • How do I differentiate myself in a competitive market?
    • How do I explain "What I do" in a way that is clear and differentiated from others in my industry?
  • Conducting Effective Marketing
    • How should I be measuring my marketing efforts?
    • What low cost marketing tactics can I employ?
    • How should I be using social media to increase my sales?
    • Should I hire a marketing agency to take over my marketing? If so, what efforts can I outsource to them?
  • Expanding My Network
    • How do I build reliable referral network?
    • How do I best create a "circle of influence"?
    • How do I make better use of networking events?
    • What are some ways I can add more value to members of my network?
  • Managing My Time
    • How should I structure my days and weeks to have the biggest impact on my business?
    • How to get out of the vicious cycle of spending all of my time responding to emails and phone calls?
    • How do I connect my long-term strategy to how I spend my time during each day?
    • How do I add more value during a transaction (e.g. better communication, sharing advice, etc.) than my competitors?
  • Working with My Team
    • How can I be a better leader of my team?
    • How do I instill a sense of ownership among my staff?
    • How can I get my team to act more cohesively? 
    • Is now the right time to hire a new person?

Group coaching format

Each group coaching series consists of the following components:

  • Diagnostic: In advance of joining a new coaching group, each participant completes a short diagnostic to identify key focus areas as well as to support the measurement of progress through participating in the group.
  • Session Prep: In advance of each session, each participant is responsible for completing a short prep worksheet, which includes progress made since last session, key barriers, outstanding questions, and desired focus area(s) in the upcoming Group Coaching Session.
  • Group Coaching Session: As part of the Group Coaching series, Group Sixty leads a monthly 2-hour session focused on addressing the individual as well as shared challenges of the group.  Session topics are developed through the prep materials as well as a short collaborative discussion among participants at the beginning of each session.  Some sessions will focus on unique challenges of the participants, in which case each person will be coached in succession. For sessions focused on 1-2 macro topics, coaching will include an ideation session to explore alternatives and potential solutions to the stated topic as well as group coaching. For example, if the group is interested in building out their professional networks, the group will spend dedicated time brainstorming the types of people with whom they should connect as well as the value propositions needed to connect more deeply with each person.
  • Action & Accountability Webinar: In addition to a monthly Group Coaching Session, Group Sixty also leads a 1-hour monthly webinar focused on ensuring the progress of each participant since the last Group Coaching Session and overcoming barriers that have come up along the way.
  • One-on-One Coaching: In addition to the Group Coaching Session and Action & Accountability Webinar, a Group Sixty coach will provide a monthly, 1-hour one-on-one coaching session to each participant. One-on-one coaching allows greater focus on individual topics and those that are better addressed outside of the group. In addition, the sessions can also focus on barriers which are holding back the individual from achieving their goals.
  • Peer-to-Peer Coaching Framework: In order to foster greater peer-to-peer interaction between monthly coaching sessions, Group Sixty provides a guide to help group members lead calls independent of the coach. This will include a suggested call agenda, sample questions, and other tools.
  • Online Collaboration Tool: In order to support collaboration among members in between group coaching sessions, Group Sixty sets up a private online group to post questions, share progress, and ask for help on key challenges.

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