How to Grow and Scale Your Business: A Workshop for Small Business Owners

Stop Working IN Your Business and Start Working ON Your Business

Spend a day with seasoned sales consultants and business coaches with years of experience helping small business owners and entrepreneurs.  The workshop is laser focused on helping each participant build and validate a custom sales and marketing strategy for their business. In addition, tools and processes will be introduced that can be put into practice immediately to help exceed revenue goals. The session will use facilitated group discussions leveraging the expertise of the facilitators as well as small group break-outs to foster peer-to-peer learning among participants. At the end of the day, each person will have a sales and marketing plan that can be implemented right away as well as a set of immediate actions to apply what was learned in the workshop.

Workshop Topics: During the day, we will conduct deep-dive discussions on the following topics:

1.     How to Clearly Explain What You Do? - Build an Elevator Pitch that Ignites Interest: Learn what makes a power packed elevator pitch and then build one that you can use immediately with customers, at networking events, and in the line at Starbucks as well as in marketing materials, on your website, and in sales presentations. Our work starts with creating a unique value proposition and then using it to create an attention grabbing elevator pitch that answers the question “what do you do?”

2.     Who is Your Target Customer? – Create an Ideal Customer Profile (“ICP”) to Gain Focus: Discuss what makes a top-notch ICP and then work with coaches and your peers to build one that will focus your sales and marketing activities and position your business for growth. Gaining focus will allow you to do more with less and boost margins.

3.     How to Reach and Attract New Customers? Build a Sales & Marketing Plan that Drives Sales: Put your new elevator pitch and ICP into action and build a sales and marketing plan that will create awareness among new prospects and move them to take action. Focus will be on updating existing efforts as well as exploring new channels (e.g. social media, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click) to drive growth.

4.     What is Getting in Your Way? – Overcoming Barriers to Growth: During the final segment of the day, our facilitators will engage the group in a collaborative discussion to address the challenges participants face in growing their businesses. Doing so will enable each person to walk away with key action steps to barriers that are getting in the way of sustainable growth.

 Additional Topics: In addition to deep dive segments focused on the topics above, we will also discuss the following:

  • Does Your Business Model Create Reccurring Revenue? – Build a Scalable Business Model
  • Is Your Business Overly Reliant on You? – Build a Company that Can Scale
  • How to Solve Your Customers’ Key Challenges? - Create Services that Address Pain Points
  • Is It Time to Hire? – How to Think about Hiring and Onboarding New Employees

Workshop Details

Date: Saturday, October 8th
Time: 9 AM – 5 PM
Location: 49 Old Course Drive, Newport Beach, CA92660
Cost: $495. Includes full-day workshop with expert consultants and coaches, workbook, tools and processes, and catered lunch, coffee, and snacks.
Questions: If you have any questions, please send an email to or call us at 858-668-8264.

Small Business Workshop
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Workshop Consultants and Coaches

Stephanie Barrymore

A seasoned sales executive who has spent over 19 years selling into Fortune 500 companies Stephanie has hired and coached hundreds of sales people and sales executives in the area of selling and business growth strategies. Stephanie has extensive sales operations experience in turn around and start up situations in the telecommunications, music, retail, staffing and technology industries. Her experience led her to start her consulting business where she focuses on what she specializes in: helping companies sell their products and services in the areas of strategy, hiring, on-boarding and training all sales staff and executive leadership responsible for the growth of a company. Stephanie also serves on the board of an investment bank where she coaches CEOs on how to grow their business to attract investors.

Darren Reinke

Darren has 20 years of experience in consulting, coaching, marketing, corporate strategy, and business development and has spent time at leading companies such as Accenture, Neutrogena, and Gap. In addition, he has launched several entrepreneurial endeavors focused on outdoor sports as well as the education market.  His expertise is helping companies transition from one stage of growth to the next through strategic consulting and business coaching. Darren launched Group Sixty in 2011 as a way to leverage his experiences in working with large, global organizations to the benefit of small and mid-size companies. His passion is helping entrepreneurs and business owners accelerate their growth and set and achieve larger and more audacious business goals. Darren received a BS from UC Davis and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Small Business Workshop
395.00 495.00
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