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Group Sixty helps clients compete in fast growing, chaotic markets by improving their ability to execute key growth initiatives and by enabling leaders and teams to play to their strengths and adapt to changing marketplace needs.

Specifically, clients hire us to help clarify company and project specific goals and then break down the strategy to achieve them into easily executable plans and action steps, assign team members to each task, instill a sense of ownership in achieving the project outcomes, and support the execution of the project plan.

We also conduct workshops and one-on-one coaching to help leaders and their teams gain a greater understanding of their individual and team strengths and learn to use them to improve communication, trust, collaboration, and ultimately execution. Learn More.



 Opportunity Discovery: 

Are you challenged with finding new avenues for growth? We help clients identify and assess new growth opportunities including new products and services, expanding into adjacent markets, targeting new customer segments, and establishing new strategic partnerships. Learn More.



Is your company struggling to develop and execute a new business strategy aimed at growth? We facilitate collaborative activities to help companies translate business objectives into concrete strategies and ready-to-execute implementation plans.  Learn More. 


Initiative Execution: 

Does your company have the expertise and resources to execute new growth initiatives? We partner with companies to ensure the successful implementation of new growth initiatives by providing project execution support, accountability coaching, as well as outsourced project managers. Learn More.



Do your senior leaders exhibit the right behaviors required for your company to successfully execute its business strategy? We coach leadership teams and individual executives to develop a new set of competencies and behaviors in support of their organization’s strategy that ultimately drive business outcomes. Learn More

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Group Sixty’s New Leader Launch Program has improved productivity within my team by helping me identify different personality traits to best tailor my approach to inspire, lead, and obtain results. Their structure showed me how to accentuate my current leadership strengths, improve morale, and navigate confrontational situations. Other methods and services which I have tried did not provide the depth and insight on how to empathize with and empower others within my organization. I recommend Group Sixty to anyone who is new to their leadership role, or just looking to sharpen their skills.”
— Steve Loney, Director of Market Development, Techmer PM

Are You a Growth Leader for Your Company? Take Our Assessment to Find Out

Group Sixty's Growth Leader Assessment is a diagnostic tool used to assess executives against the attributes of the highest performing leaders. More importantly, it is used to direct their development in service of individual professional objectives and those of their team and broader organization. Take the assessment now to see how you stack up and learn best practices you can adopt to elevate in your role as a leader.

Is Your Company Poised for Growth?

Group Sixty has consulted with over a hundred companies, from start-ups to mid-sized businesses to members of the Fortune 500. As part of this work, we have isolated a core set of characteristics that are closely aligned with industry-leading growth rates.

Take the Group Sixty Growth Diagnostic to diagnose key focus areas to drive growth and benchmark against other companies and industries.

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