All businesses regardless of stage are in need of top-notch partnership development to enable growth. Yet many companies struggle to identify and on-board partners that meet their financial goals and are aligned with long-term strategic objectives. Group Sixty works with clients who currently do not have a formalized partnership development function as well as companies in need of support to turbo-charge their partnership development efforts. We adhere to the following process in order to deliver rapid results which have a lasting impact:

  • Goal identification: Identify and clarify goals of your partnership development strategy as well as individual partnerships; revenue growth, incremental profit opportunities, market access/expansion, cost reduction, vertical integration, skill/people acquisition
  • Partner/Customer Selection: Build criteria to identify and prioritize partners
  • Value Proposition Definition: Develop underlying value proposition to initiate relationship with partners and facilitate the approach
  • Approach: Make introductions on client’s behalf or provide outreach strategy and tactics to gain access
  • Negotiate: Negotiate deal terms which optimize financial outcomes while ensuring alignment with long-term business strategy
  • Contract: Support execution of contract from initial conversation to final signature
  • Execution: Enable launch of partnership and provide ongoing partnership support

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