In today’s uncertain marketplace, companies both large and small encounter a large deal of risk when they hire additional staff to take on a new business initiative or pursue a growth opportunity. Rather than hire a staff of full-time employees, companies turn to Group Sixty to provide them with the strategic help they need without a long-term commitment to headcount. Group Sixty’s consultants have the diversity of experience to manage large enterprise-wide projects or work on their own to take on a specific initiative.

Larger companies typically engage Group Sixty on strategic projects for which they lack the expertise or bandwidth to tackle. These projects include the launch of new websites and mobile applications as well as the creation of strategic and marketing plans to launch a new business, product, or expand into a new geography or channel.

Smaller companies and start-ups work with Group Sixty to gain help clarifying their overall vision and leverage Group Sixty’s expertise in building out their business. Even if the objectives of the program are vague, Group Sixty has the expertise to take vague goals and turn them into concrete strategies with a clear set of tactics to enable both immediate and enduring success.

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