Merely having a website in today’s hypercompetitive global economy is not enough. Websites have become strategic assets which perform a variety of functions; conduct transactions, provide automated customer service, gather customer data, and perform other revenue generating activities. Despite the ever increasing role of websites for both online and offline businesses, many companies are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to drive revenue as well as reduce costs.

Website Development

Group Sixty works with companies both large and small to overhaul their web presence via optimized websites. We work with companies in a variety of ways. From end-to-end website strategy, design, and implementation to project managing in-house technical resources, we can fill a variety of needs.

Mobile Application Development

The rapid explosion of mobile phones and tablets has created tremendous opportunities to interact with customers and prospects in new ways. Mobile applications have enabled revolutionary new business models as well as provided existing companies and brands with new ways to generate revenue, acquire customers, and increase brand awareness. Group Sixty works with clients to blow out their mobile strategy and develop applications for iPhone/iPad, Android, and Blackberry.

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