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Workshop Details

Date: Saturday, October 8th

Time: 9 AM – 5 PM

Location: Newport Beach

Cost: $495. Includes full-day workshop with expert consultants and coaches, workbook, tools and processes, and catered lunch, coffee, and snacks.


Workshop Topics: During the day, we will conduct deep-dive discussions on the following topics:

1.     How to Clearly Explain What You Do? - Build an Elevator Pitch that Ignites Interest

2.     Who is Your Target Customer? – Create an Ideal Customer Profile (“ICP”) to Gain Focus

3.     How to Reach and Attract New Customers? Build a Sales & Marketing Plan that Drives Sales

4.     What is Getting in Your Way? – Overcoming Barriers to Growth

 Additional Topics: In addition to deep dive segments focused on the topics above, we will also discuss the following:

  • Does Your Business Model Create Reoccurring Revenue? – Build a Scalable Business Model
  • Is Your Business Overly Reliant on You? – Build a Company that Can Scale
  • How to Solve Your Customers’ Key Challenges? - Create Services that Address Pain Points
  • Is It Time to Hire? – How to Think about Hiring and Onboarding New Employees
Small Business Workshop
395.00 495.00

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