Do More than Give Thanks This Holiday Season: Acknowledge Those Making Changes

“To drive enduring change, don’t just acknowledge achievements that are great, but also those that require CHANGE.”

During the holiday season, and Thanksgiving in particular, many of us take time to appreciate all of the wonderful gifts that we have; our children, parents, sisters and brothers, and partners as well having a roof over our head, food to eat, and other tangible items making life easier and more joyful.

While it’s important to focus internally and be grateful for all that we have, during this holiday season I would encourage you to take it one step further, shift the focus externally, and acknowledge those members of your team and organization who are not just achieving, but who are making CHANGES to their mindsets and trying on new behaviors in support of greater career and life success. For example, this holiday season I commit to acknowledging a particular coaching client of mine as he shifts from risk averse to smart risk taking in an effort to increase the trajectory of his career. I know that it takes courage for him to step out on that ledge of doubt and uncertainty in search of greater achievement. Acknowledging that goes a long way toward greater motivation and confidence to taken chances.

As a leader, acknowledging the progress of our team members along the change continuum is critical to help gain a boost from what has already been accomplished and help spark additional motivation to reach even further.

So what do you commit to doing to acknowledge a team member, client, customer, friend, or even family member? Try it and you might be surprised how powerful acknowledgement can be.