Putting Your Strengths into Action: 5 Questions to Ask

After being exposed to the impact and benefits of taking a Strengths-based approach to leadership, leaders and executives will typically ask us, “What are some quick tips to help carry this forward?” To ensure sustained success with Strengths, we advocate for the implementation of a Leading with Strengths program, Creating a Strengths-Based Leadership Team, One-on-One Coaching anchored in Strengths, and the creation of a Strengths-based culture.

That said, if you are looking for some quick hitters to take the next step after participating in a Strengths workshop (whether it’s PSP’s Strengths Deployment Inventory or Gallup Strengthsfinder), consider the 5 questions listed below to help get started. Addressing each of those questions will help you take the next step in using Strengths and integrate them into your day-to-day role.

  1. As you write out your goals for the quarter and year, ask yourself, "What Strengths will be critical to develop in order to ensure my success as well as the success of my team and company?“
  2. As you think about the long-term vision and strategy of your company, ask yourself, “Where are we over/under indexed from a Strengths perspective? How can I leverage and amplify the Strengths most critical to our long-term success?"
  3. As you walk into your next meeting, ask yourself, "How should I tailor my communication based on my Strengths and Motives as well as those of the person/people I am meeting with?"
  4. When you are creating an action plan, ask yourself  "What Strengths should I apply to help ensure we meet the deadline and ensure we operate efficiently and effectively?"
  5. As you create your hiring plans for the next quarter, ask yourself "What Strengths do we need as an organization in order to successfully execute our strategy?"

Now it’s time to take the next step and start to dig into the questions above. Please be sure to share your results with us and also know that we are help to support you on your incredibly fulfilling, and growth fueled journey with Strengths. Adopting Strengths will help unleash the potential of you and your team leading to the growth of your career and organization.